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Pro-Active Maintenance, Repair and Networking

MCSCT prides itself with our dedication and successes of protecting our client’s data from harm. Since 1995, MCSCT has not lost any of our client’s data potentially caused by virus attacks, hardware failures, or employee errors. We are successful because we use a three-tier approach to backing up client data. We backup data with the server’s VSS (shadow-copy) method twice a day, full imaging of the server at night to an external device, and offsite “cloud” backup to data-centers only located in the USA.

MCSCT technicians will manually verify your primary backups actually did run successfully the night before... every day of the week. We also receive alerts in the event of a backup failure to make sure we react appropriately when we should. If we find discrepancies with your backups, we initiate immediate remedies to resolve those issues. We typically use three levels of backups to ensure restoration success. This includes restoring simple individual files or e-mail threads to complete business continuity planning and server disaster recovery restorations.

Business Continuity Planning

"Plan B" for disasters and disruptions to your business.

MCSCT is expert in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) to help companies stay operational in the event of a major disruption to their business. BCP and DRP are regulatory requirements for companies in certain industries as mandated by the federal government acts: HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI-DSS, and GLBA.

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MCSCT technicians are all trained to restore files as the requests come in to do so. We usually restore files within a 1 hour window from when the client requests it. Depending on the solution in place, we can restore an entire office within hours of a building disaster being declared.

Our technicians will respond to your IT needs immediately using our state-of-the-art remote monitoring and managing system called N-Central. One of our 5 technicians usually respond within minutes of receiving the service request either through email or a call to our office help desk. Our technicians will travel to your account within two hours or less if they cannot resolve your issues remotely via N-Central or other means.

  • MCSCT technicians are all trained to run CAT5E, CAT6, and fiber optic cabling to meet your company’s needs. We terminate all ends and then run end-to-end testing of the cable installed to ensure 100% reliability of that installed cable.
  • MCSCT technicians are all trained to secure your network against malware while allowing you to enjoy secure remote access from your home, hotel room, or from wherever you are to your office network or office computer. MCSCT does this using VPN technology contained in the firewall.
  • MCSCT technicians are all trained to remediate viruses in the unlikely event that you do get a virus despite our best efforts to block them.
  • MCSCT technicians are trained to install security cameras and securely configure them to allow the client to monitor their home or office remotely on their computer, tablet, or smart phones.
  • MCSCT technicians are trained to properly setup a wireless network that is secure, far-reaching, and reliable.
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